Family Photos

I don’t like to spend money on frivolous things.

My wardrobe is 90% Old Navy sale rack, I prefer the library to Amazon, and I shop three grocery stores, depending on sales.

But every year, at least once a year, I shell out several hundred dollars and force my family to pose for professional photos.


Nathan hates it, Topher tolerates it, and Ellie – well, I think she actually looks forward to it!  She’s a bit of a ham :)


My friend Lindsay started her own photography business when Topher was only a few months old, so she’s always been the lucky one who has to make my grumpy boys smile.  She’s gotten pretty good at it over the years – out of the 68 photos she edited for us this year, there were only 14 with silly faces/tongues sticking out!  (I don’t want to know how many she didn’t bother editing!)





I love how natural the photos are.  She always manages to catch a couple of the kids that are just so them, like Ellie with her cheeky little grin.  We see that expression every single day and it usually means she’s plotting something she knows she’s going to get away with because she’s so stinking cute.


And Nathan and Topher, acting like the goobers they are.  Somehow I can’t see them relaxing like that in the Sears Portrait Studio!


There was a whole series of silly face shots.  Maybe I’ll put those ones on our Christmas cards this year?

She even got some nice pictures of me with the kids!  I don’t always like the way I look in photos but there are so few family pictures with me in them that I treasure the ones Lindsay takes!


Now if we could only sell our condo so I could put up a gallery wall ….



  1. says

    Those photos are amazing! I love how natural everybody is in the shots; those are my favourite type of photo.

    I’d love to get some updated ones taken sometime soon, but like yours, my husband is reluctant to have professional shots taken! I practically had to twist his arm to hire a wedding photographer! One day …

    • says

      The trick with Nathan is to ask while he’s playing a video game. Then he’s distracted and will say yes to just about anything ;)

      I also wait until my friend posts mini sessions on her Facebook page, they’re a bit cheaper than the full lifestyle sessions!

  2. says

    Such good photos!!! I haven’t had professional photos taken of us since our wedding but I will definitely spend the money on them when we have a family one day!

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