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What a week!

Topher and Ellie both started school – Topher in grade one, Ellie in preschool.


Topher was a little bit nervous about being gone all day after only doing half-day kindergarten, but he was super excited to get the teacher he wanted and have most of his friends in his class!  When I picked him up the first words he said to me were “I wish school was as long as Daddy’s work, because I love, love, LOVE it!”


And Ellie was thrilled to be starting school just like her big brother.  When her teacher bent down to introduce herself, Ellie jumped right into her arms for a big hug!

Clearly we need to watch her with strangers …

I’m most likely going to be spending a good chunk of my weekend lost in a corn maze, so here are a few posts from some of my favourite writers to keep you entertained!  Enjoy!

* * *

I love everything Hannah Brencher writes, but Men in Blue Jumpsuits is one of my absolute favourite posts.

“I think we– as the eager, self-sufficient perfectionists that we are– ignore red flags and the nudging to slow down as long as we possibly can. We drink more coffee. We worship the hustle. We grow tired of waiting on a God who sometimes seems to be slower than dial-up internet. We say hasty things like, “You aren’t handling this mess fast enough so I am going to take it into my own two hands.”

More mess comes.

And still, God is not afraid to assume the role of custodian.”

In her post, A Creative, Suzy Krause asks “Who has time to be a Creative when one is a Mom?”

Colleen Pastoor shared some Thoughts on Kindness – a reminder to be friendly on the internet.  I don’t know why it’s so hard for some people to remember that they’re talking to real people when they leave nasty comments!

And I loved The Fleece by Ashlee Gadd.  Nothing good ever comes easy – not even if it’s your calling.

* * *

Happy long weekend!  

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