Love, Me


I know I’m a few weeks late on this, but at this point in my life that seems to be just how I roll!  This week I’m joining Susan’s Art Therapy Lesson 5:  Write a love letter to yourself.


Hey, you.

Yes, you.  The bleary-eyed mama in the reindeer leggings you just can’t put away because they’re so darn comfortable, with your hood pulled over your head.

I know how you’re feeling.

You’ve only been awake (if you want to call your current state “awake”) for ten minutes, and you’re already feeling it:


I shouldn’t be on the computer, you’re telling yourself.  I should be eating breakfast with the kids.  


They’re happy.  They’re quiet.  It’s okay to take a few minutes for yourself.

Breakfast?  Hrmph.  I should have gotten up earlier to make them a real breakfast.  Pancakes or french toast or eggs or something.  This is the third day this week they’ve had cereal. 

They like cereal.   You know as well as I do that if they didn’t like it they would throw it on the floor.  Or the wall.  Or at each other.

Yeah, okay, maybe you’re right …  

You glance at the kids to make sure they’re still enjoying their breakfast:  Topher, slurping milk out of the bowl with a straw, and Ellie, fishing each piece of cereal out of her bowl with her fingers and shovelling it into her mouth, waving her spoon in the air like a flag.

Then your eyes fall on the pile of dirty dishes still in the sink from last night’s supper, and you feel it again:


I should have done those before I went to bed, you tell yourself.

You worked until 11:30 last night.  It’s okay to leave dishes in the sink.  They’ll get done when they get done – nobody cares except you.

But I should be able to get them.  I’m home all day!

With two kids.  I’m telling you, it’s okay to leave dishes in the sink.  Nobody cares except you.


I don’t know why you think you have to do it all, because you don’t – and it really is that simple.

You’re not perfect. Trying to pretend that you are is a waste of time. Nobody has it all together all the time.

Let me rephrase that: Nobody expects you to have it together all the time.

But …

No buts.  You need realize that it’s okay to take time for yourself.  It’s okay to send the kids to Grandma and Grandpa’s for an afternoon, an entire day, or even a weekend, if you need it. That doesn’t make you a bad mother.

Spoil yourself every now and then.  Make a hot chocolate, grab some tim tams, and hide behind a cereal box so the kids don’t see you enjoying your treat.

I saw that smile!

Have fun today.  Enjoy yourself – and enjoy your kids.  One day you’ll miss all of this, so soak it in while you can.

And for heaven’s sake, forget about the dishes in the sink!


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